About Us

About us

Since 2014, the Domaine de Bourigeols, a former vineyard, is now family-owned. 

Initially intended exclusively for private use, some beautiful new places have been created on the extensive property over the last few years. With great attention to detail, the new living areas have been renovated while retaining the authentic charm of the property and are now available to our guests.
In addition to the holiday accommodation, the Domaine also offers space for our professional recording studio Limusic, as well as a large artist’s studio.

Workshops and seminars in the field of music and visual arts take place regularly at our Domaine. You can find an overview here – EVENTS ON

We look forward to welcoming you at a workshop, seminar, in the studio or as a holiday guest.

Domaine de Bourigeols

Maximilian Hermes

Founder Limusic Studio, Operator Domaine de Bourigeols

Domaine de Bourigeols

Olliver Hotes

Recording Engineer, Studio Technician, Coordinator

Domaine de Bourigeols

Katharina Gläsmann

Social Media, Marketing, Coordinator

Domaine de Bourigeols

Nina Klotz

Marketing, Event Manager, Booking

Domaine de Bourigeols

Felix Horstmann

Coordinator, Workshop Planning

Domaine de Bourigeols

Andre „DD“ Allabert

Landscape Maintenance

Domaine de Bourigeols


Household, Rooms, Beds

Domaine de Bourigeols

Michel Allabert

House, Maintenance, Repairs