In addition to our four very varied and lovingly furnished flats, our Domaine has other beautiful places that invite you to be creative or simply to relax and unwind.

Maison de la Cave

With over 110 square metres, our Maison de la Cave offers space for up to five people. Two full-sized bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, on the upper floor as well as a spacious and bright living and dining area on the ground floor are complemented by the dreamlike “roof terrace” in the greenery. Further highlights incclude the wood-burning stove and the acoustic piano in the living room.

Loft d´Artiste

Our artist loft offers two guests the exclusive opportunity to live in a flat furnished in “industrial style” on over 100 square metres with a ceiling height of nine metres. Despite the open-plan living and sleeping area, you can retreat to the gallery, where the bedroom is located, and make yourself comfortable.
The highlight of our loft is certainly the spacious couch corner on the ground floor with attached beamer and projection screen, which invites you to spend a relaxing cinema evenings with homemade popcorn from our popcorn machine.

Appartement du Studio

The Appartement du Studio, which is directly connected to our studio, offers space for a total of six guests on two floors. Two twin bedrooms and one double bedroom as well as a shower and separate WC are located on the first floor. The kitchen and the cosy dining area are on the ground floor.

Chambres des Chevaux

Our Chambres des Chevaux are located on the opposite site of the loft and above the studio.
One large room with directly adjoining bathroom, as well as three further, lovingly furnished, smaller rooms, with two associated bathrooms in the hallway, offer space for up to eight guests.


Our Roulotte is located a little apart from the other flats and can accommodate two people.
Surrounded by nature, it is a place to slow down, relax and be inspired.


The new pool built in 2020 offes a view of the surrounding vineyards. Domaine de Bourigeols has gained another highlight.

Cuisine d`Extérieur

The rustic outdoor kitchen is located in our centrally located courtyard and offers space for relaxed summer evenings with delicious food and good wine.

La Grange

In addition to a wonderful room sound for recordings as part of our studio work, the open loft offers plenty of space for evenings together and leisure activities.

Atelier d´artiste

Our artist studio offers 320 square metres of space for creative work. Workshops, concerts and larger recording sessions can take place here.


Tucked away at the back of the studio, the historic orangery with its large glass doors offers a breathtaking atmosphere for creative work. Both the lighting conditions for painters and sculptors and the sound for musicians and recordings are convincing.


Our pride and joy is our well-equipped recording studio. More information is available at –